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Interactive insights backed by video to make your opposition analysis easier and faster

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Save hours every week


Access insights about your next three games in just two clicks.

Get into the opposition’s manager head

– How does he react when winning or losing?

– What substitutions will he make?

– What formations does he switch to in-game?

Collaborate with your team


– Share insights with one click

– Send players videos on mobile

– Update scenarios live on the bench

Take your opposition analysis to the next level

We use AI and ML to turn complex data into automated, easy-to-digest,
and tailored insights for clubs at all levels. Our focus is to make Smartcoach:

  • Predictive

  • Contextualized

  • Personalised

  • Collaborative

Smartcoach will be a game-changer, because of the amount of time it saves clubs. The insights provide you with a great view of what the opposition is doing in a few clicks, all supported by video.

Rafael Roldan

First Team Analyst, Östersunds FK

As a manager, I want to understand what my opposite number is going to do at any point in the game. Smartcoach allows me to do this. It’s easy-to-use, and provides real context compared with products that only give you raw data.

Ian Burchnall

UEFA Pro Licence Manager

Smartcoach is a go-to source when scouting our opposition. They provide a clear picture of the opposition, whether we want to know a team’s overall strengths and weaknesses or specific player context.

Mario Chavez

Head of Performance, BK Häcken

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